If you haven’t looked in awhile, check out some of the newer production stills under the “Photo Gallery” link above.

We did a really fun shoot at Macs at the Vets Club here in Eugene on Sunday night. Check out the “Music” link above to read about what we did and what’s to come… We did a small pick-up shoot today and another to come next week. What’s left, in addition to incidentals…? The final shoot (of the final scene) on Sunday, 10/22.

I’ll be busy making shadow boxes for props to be used in the final shoot.

I’ve so enjoyed the production process with this group of people. While it will feel a bit strange not to see them on a regular basis and to be in production mode, I’m looking forward to the next phase – ready to get going on editing.

We’re still in need of financial assistance, so please consider checking out the “Support the Project” link above. Even if you just do $5, it all adds up!

Thanks to those of you who’ve sponsored and donated so far!

In Gratitude,


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