Ed and I met again this evening to work on color correction. One more meeting next Tuesday, and I’ll be ready to start editing. Can’t wait to dig in and begin to put it all together! I’ll be posting some teasers as I work my way through…

This past Sunday, I met Lance (Miller, my awesome sound recorder/mixer/engineer), Lynda Duffy (vocals), and Jim Bocci (guitar) at Lance’s studio where they recorded the opening song for Found Objects – an arrangement of Eileen Hemphill-Haley’s “Our House Burned Down.” They’ve changed the phrasing, slowed it down, blues-ed it up… Sound so good… I heard some really good soulful music come from them both. I can always tell when something’s working… I get goosebumps. Can’t wait for you to hear what they’ve done!

I’m enjoying this little lull after production so I can recharge and begin to devote my days and nights to editing. My goal: mid-Spring. Wish me luck!

I also plan to return to fund raising efforts, too. I’ll keep you posted!



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