Have you ever worked on a project you felt was blessed? Meant to be?

That’s what it was like during the production of FOUND OBJECTS.

From the moment I decided to write the feature length script and produce the film myself (rather than try to sell it), I knew I was working on something that would make a difference.

After we wrapped, my cast and crew said it was the smoothest production they’d ever experienced. I wouldn’t begin to take sole credit for that; everyone pitched in and filled in wherever we had a need. Working with my fabulous cast and crew and seeing synergy in action was evidence of the power of collective intention — a group of people who believed in something on a deep level.

And that power we all possessed and created shows in the film. I know this to be true because of the comments and emails I’ve received from people who have attended screenings.

Several people emailed me to say they saw themselves and their lives on the screen. Others said seeing the film led to important conversations with their spouses and partners. 

And more specifically, a viewer who saw the film twice wrote to me to describe the impact the film had on her. After the first screening she sobbed all the way home. After the second screening, she introduced herself and wrote to me the next day to say that watching FOUND OBJECTS made her realize, on a deep level, that while she loved her partner, she knew she needed to live by herself. She realized the necessity of needing her own space to create.

Another viewer wrote: “Your film changed my life.”

And recently, I heard from yet another viewer and supporter via email. Below is what he had to say:

I also want to tell you how inspired I was by the film, and that it played at least a small part in my coming to terms with my issues of transgender. This is something I have known about all my life, but only as an adult have I been honest with myself about who I truly am. Due to my personal circumstances, I cannot easily express myself as a male-to-female person of transgender.  However, my genuine, authentic personality is of course crucially important to my fulfillment and self-actualization.  Although I cannot easily explain how, my feeling is that FOUND OBJECTS motivated me on a very deep level to accept who I am.

FOUND OBJECTS touches people. I’ve witnessed it. And I’m so appreciative of those who have taken the time to email me or to talk with me directly. I’m always humbled, moved beyond words, when someone tells me how my vision has touched them and changed their life in some way. What more could a filmmaker ask for?

Because of the undeniable affect FOUND OBJECTS has on viewers, it’s imperative that we get through post-production and get the film to festivals. FOUND OBJECTS can make a difference in the world. It can give people the courage to pursue their calling, to be true to their purpose, and to have the courage to live authentically.

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of being stifled, of not being able to create or follow your dreams, FOUND OBJECTS will speak to you. And if it will speak to you, it will speak to many.

Please help us move this important project forward and share the crowdfunding video with anyone you know who supports indie and/or woman-made films and who embraces the notion that honoring our innate creativity is essential to human serenity.

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