Just a short update… Late last night, I finished the first round rough cut edit of Found Objects. So gratifying to see it all come together. That I, the person who wrote the words and have carried this story around with me for almost twenty years, was moved to laugh and cry at various times throughout the edit, tells me we made something special. Lance Miller, my hard-working, multi-tasking audio engineer, has been refining the audio and working to create a soundtrack for the film. I’ll be taking a couple of breaths, then it’ll be right back to editing with the polished audio and a big pair of virtual scissors… time to kill my darlings, as Faulkner put it. The rough cut is long. I like words. What can I say? It will be painful, but it must be done. I’d love to show you some excerpts, but I don’t want to expose the gems just yet… it will happen. Eventually. Promise. Until then, here are a few stills from one of my favorite scenes. Thank you Mary, Sam, and Patrick. Love, love, and more love… 🙂

Mary Gen Fjelstad-Buss as Claire

Patrick Curzon as Reise

Sam Thrower as Reise’s friend

More stills of some of my fav scenes to come soon… stay tuned.

And as always, much thanks and gratitude for your continued interest in Found Objects.

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